What is a Beer Snorkel?

Everything You Need To Know About The Beer Snorkel

Written and Published by Scuba Beer - February 2021

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Introduction to the Beer Snorkel:

The Beer Snorkel is the latest and greatest way to smash down a beverage. Whether your choice of beverage is a Beer, Cruiser/Fruit Beer, Cider or hard liquors the Beer Snorkel does it all.

The small and compact drinking accessory has a simplistic, yet unique design, that allows air to flow into a bottle or can to enable your beverage to flow out quicker than you would ever expect. 

With a stainless steel straw and a compact food grade plastic mouth piece it makes it the perfect drinking accessory when out and about. Whether you want to take it to the pub, camping or any social event, the beer snorkel has got you covered.

Also known as a Drink Snorkel, Alcohol Snorkel, Bottle Snorkel, Can Snorkel and/or Tinny Snorkel. And as time goes on there will be more names for this...

Move Aside Beer Bongs/Funnels & Shotgunning!

Now, if you got to this point in the article we definitely know you like a few beers on the weekend just like us. This means at some point in your life you have either used a beer bong/funnel or simply seen one out and about and you will know how outdated and large these devices are.

With such a large contraption being used, these can often take up a large amount of space and make it difficult to keep clean and hygienic. 

*Enter The Beer Snorkel*

With its compact and small design the beer snorkel can be easily manoeuvred around a house to be washed and cleaned between uses, making it superior in regards to hygiene.

How Does The Beer Snorkel Work

The Beer Snorkel's unique design allows air to flow into the bottle or can to enable the beverage to come out quicker, giving you the ability to chug a beverage in just a few seconds.

How to Use The Beer Snorkel

For a full instructional animation on how the beer snorkel works please click here.


  1. Place the beer snorkel onto the top of the bottle and ensure its tight.*
  2. Ensure the straw is a little bit off the bottom of the bottle. (A few mm from the bottom of the bottle is suitable)
  3. Flip the Beer Snorkel upside down whilst your mouth is on the mouthpiece of the snorkel and this will begin to make the liquid come out.
  4. Chug the drink until finished**
  5. Rinse and Repeat 

*If you are using a Can Snorkel, the same tutorial is relevant.

**If you cannot finish the drink or you simply want to stop drinking simply flip the snorkel back over to stop the flow.

What Makes the Beer Snorkel Unique and Superior

If you have ever needed any form of hydration in a hurry, the beer snorkel is the drinking accessory essential to not only put away a beverage but to do it in style. The unique one-of-a-kind design allows you to drink a full beer in a matter of seconds (or more - depending on your skills or ability)

With the beer snorkel being made from food grade plastics (TPE) it is the ultimate beverage chugging contraption.

And your probably wondering if you can only chug beer through the Beer Snorkel? Definitely not, the Beer snorkel is not limited to beer and it is simply just the product name, so there is no limitations. If the snorkel fits onto the bottle or can, its good to chug.

The Beer snorkel's unique design also allows attachments and connectors to be attached to the actual unit to create a double, quad and six-way beer snorkel, which will be spoken about later in this article.

The Beer Snorkel Evolves...

The Beer snorkel in its first form was made as an attachment for most bottle sizes but as time has gone on and consumers want to chug out of different bottles, cans or multiples of bottles or cans, there have been some new additions to the Beer Snorkel family. The total family includes:

A Snorkel For Every Occassion

With a variety of snorkels being designed and manufactured as time goes on, so does the accessories and connectors. Just when you thought the Snorkel brought a lot of WOW factor wait until you see these new innovations in the Snorkel industry. Some of the most popular snorkel combinations are:

Where To Get Your Own Beer Snorkel

Scuba Beer - Beer Snorkels

The Beer Snorkel's as mentioned in this article can be found at Scuba Beer. They operate out of Sydney, Australia.

They distribute and sell snorkels and accessories throughout Australia and the world. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact them with any questions or queries.

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